Electric Bike Company Model E

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Classic design meets modern tech in this step through model from Electric bike company.  With a range of up to 50 miles and a top speed of 28mph, the model E is a great option for commuting or a day of cruising just for fun.  Most bikes come with a front basket, rear rack, throttle, and alarm system.  A vast array of colors and options are available on request.





Up to 50 Miles range with pedal assist. EBC approved and certified Lithium-Ion NMC Cells

(2 year warranty)

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger with Smart charging technology, cooling fan, aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety

Charge Time

2-3 hrs with super charger (included)


550W nominal output

1000W max output

20 MPH max speed with throttle

28 MPH max speed with pedal assist 

(2 year warranty)


Bengal Hydraulic Disc Brakes with saftey electrical motor disconnect wiring