Super73 - Z1

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Little Neighborhood Explorer

The Z1 comes with an integrated battery and easy-to-use throttle display for a user-friendly experience. Perfect for small adults, big kids, and everyone in-between.

Riding Features

Legally Ride Without a License, Insurance or Registration

  • Class-2 Ride Mode | Each Z1 comes pre-programmed in the Class-2 mode, which allows for throttle operation up to 20mph. Class-2 mode allows riders as young as 16 to ride legally on city streets.
  • Integrated Battery | The Z1 is our only vehicle with the unique integrated battery — plug in and charge with any standard 110v outlet.
  • Range | 15+ miles* of range at 20mph under Class-2 throttle-only operation.
  • Motor | The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of outputting up to 900 watts of peak power.

Model Features

Explore the Z1

  • Lightweight | At only 56 lbs, the Z1 is our lightest bike in the lineup — convenient to transport and fun to ride.
  • Simple Thumb Throttle | With the push of a thumb, you're off! Our easy-to-use thumb throttle is intuitively located on the right handlebar.

Retro Urban Tires

Featuring Trooper Tires for Street Handling

Measuring 4" wide, the Trooper tire was designed with a dense center tread pattern that extends tire life while an aggressive side tread provides cornering grip. With good handling on the street, this retro influenced tire is built to tackle the urban landscape with good wear over time.