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Hayes Valley and Jackson Square (Opening Soon!)

Carrying the finest ebikes and accessories from around the world. Our Hayes Valley store is located at 597 Hayes Street in the heart of San Francisco.

As a kid, I always loved the experience of shopping for a new bike and the freedom that bike gave me. Years later as a bike shop owner, I truly love seeing how electric bikes have opened up a whole new world for new and old riders looking to venture out and explore their surroundings with confidence. At High Road Bike Co. we're committed to providing the finest bikes and service available. Come visit us for a test ride anytime from Weds-Sunday from 12-5pm.

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Some of the best customer service you will ever have! I had a problem with my bike, and the owner offered to drive 40 minutes to pick it up and drop off a new one. They really care about their customers.


After buying an ebike online elsewhere and two failed deliveries later, i went to High Road Bike [as I probably should've in the first place!], to finally get myself an ebike for the main purpose of commuting to work and back as well as weekend rides around SF; Chris was great to speak to, and was super helpful and I was on the road in no time. Cheers!


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eBike Store in San Francisco

At High Road Bike Co., we believe — first and foremost — that bikes should be fun.
Fun is unquestionably what eBikes are. In fact, the very idea of including an electric motor in the design of a bicycle is mostly about having fun, at least as far as we’re concerned. It’s a huge bonus that electric bikes also happen to be one of the cleanest, easiest, and most efficient ways to get around in the city.

If you’re getting back into cycling after a hiatus or looking to make your commute easier, High Road Bike Co. is the place to end your search. Bicycling is better on an eBike:

  1. It’s a lot easier and therefore, more fun
  2. You can go a lot farther than you can on an unassisted bike
  3. eBikes are often safer (with features like power assist and built-in lights)
  4. You can replace your car with an eBike
  5. You’ll get a lot more fresh air and be more active

We’re advocates for eBikes because they just make sense. There are many options to choose from, too, so you won’t have any trouble expressing your own personal style, from laid-back classic to cutting-edge modern.

Experience the Difference at High Road Bike Co.

If you’re looking for the traditional hole-in-the-wall bike shop, you won’t find that vibe here. There are no cluttered shelves holding ancient, dusty inventory and outdated stock.

Our shop is clean and modern, open and inviting. Natural light is abundant at High Road Bike Co., which makes it easy to see the build quality of the electric bikes we carry. Here in our friendly space, you’ll find all the biggest brands:

  1. Super73 electric bikes
  2. Superstrata
  3. Onyx Electric Bikes
  4. Vintage Electric
  5. Delfast
  6. GoCycle
  7. Electric Bike Company
  8. Rayvolt
  9. Riese & Muller

Whatever you’re interested in, we have a solution for you. We also have accessory racks, panniers, and even trailers that can make your new eBike a real contender for replacing your car.

We Are Your Next San Francisco Bike Shop

While we’re not the traditional bike shop as far as our retail space is concerned (since we’re pretty minimalist on that score), we like to think of ourselves as the new paradigm for the 21st century. High Road Bike Co. is what the bike shop of the future looks and feels like.

We love talking about electric bikes. Our team can answer the many questions you no doubt have. They love doing that for our customers. We geek out about how cool these things are, how exciting it is that these new technologies are being applied to the humble bicycle, and what it could mean for urban transportation norms going forward.

So if you have questions, we’re the bike shop you’ve been trying to find. Like the best bike shops of yore, we’re a full-service facility for all the essential bicycle bits that need regular maintenance. But we’re also experts when it comes to your eBike’s unique requirements for its electric drivetrain. Services we offer onsite include:

  1. Wheel truing
  2. Brake adjustments
  3. Suspension maintenance and rebuilds
  4. Tune-ups
  5. Tires
  6. Bearing adjustments and replacements

We can also walk you through the unique requirements for your eBike’s charging and care. For instance, there is a first-charge procedure that needs to be followed for Super73 and other manufacturers’ batteries. It’s simple — we can walk you through that and more.

The fact is, eBikes are extremely easy to ride and maintain. They’re often quite a lot simpler than traditional bikes, given the simplicity of their drivetrain.

What Makes an Electric Bike?

Since eBikes are a relatively new innovation in transportation technology, there are still some gray areas regarding whether they’re bikes, mopeds, or motorcycles:

  1. eBikes vary by Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Meaning some have throttles, some are strictly pedal assist, some have both.
  2. eBikes can generally be ridden anywhere analog bikes are ridden, as long as you’re a normal human who’s kind and considerate
  3. Different bikes have different ranges dependent on rider, terrain, and size of battery.
  4. Charging times vary depending on manufacturer, but most charge in about 4-6 hours
  5. eBikes are divisible into three legal classes based on whether they’re pedal or throttle assist in combination with the eBike’s maximum speed
  6. Most eBikes contain a control module that can be used to quickly convert them to whichever class is required by the situation in which they are being operated

If you’re curious about all the eBike class details, we’re experts, and we’re happy to explain them.

Financing Available

We offer financing through secure services such as PayTomorrow, ShopPay, Affirm and Klarna so you'll have no worries about whether you can afford your eBike today.

You can get pre-approved instantly, and you can choose from several repayment options, including:

  1. Weekly
  2. Biweekly
  3. Semi-monthly

Accessorize Your Ride

We’re happy to install the accessories you’ll need to make your eBike your own or to give it the functionality you require to make it an efficient commuter.

Racks or panniers are one of the most practical mods you can get us to install.

Modern racks mount to the front or rear of the bike, and they’re great for carrying large items that won’t fit into pannier bags.

Panniers mount alongside your wheels and are made for fastening pannier bags. They’re great for transporting smaller items that all need to go together, and best of all, many pannier bags have pack straps so you can easily convert them into backpacks once you’ve parked.

And since you’ve got so much invested in your eBike, it’s a great idea to invest in a lock or two so that it’s secure wherever you need to leave it. We have many great options, from the Kryptonite chain style lock to the Foldylock, which folds up when you’re not using it.

We Have the Bikes You Want

Even if you’re a little new to eBikes or just getting back into cycling in general, you’ve probably heard of many of the brands we carry. Super73 is one of the hottest names in eBikes, and for a good reason. But Onyx Motorbikes and GoCycle certainly have street cred, along with a little brand recognition. We carry them all and more.

There’s something for everyone at High Road Bike Co. If you need a bike that gets you where you’re going and then folds up into a compact unit that you can easily carry inside the building with you, you’re probably going to want to check out GoCycle.

If you’re more into vintage style, you can’t go wrong with Vintage Electric or Rayvolt. Vintage Electric’s 72-volt Performance model will give you 40 mph of capability, even on grades up to 20%, which matters here in San Francisco. For the purist among cyclists, Rayvolt’s Ambassador has all the style a lugged steel frame and Brooks leather saddle can lend.

Then there are Riese & Muller’s eBikes, which offer a whiff of Amsterdam in their look, plus a whole lot of capability. Their Supercharger model offers up to 1,250 watt-hours of power in its fully integrated battery coupled with a powerful Bosch electric motor. You can eBike with absolutely zero range anxiety.

And of course, there’s Super73, which is probably the coolest eBike on the planet. Their model range is pretty vast, but there are three main types:

  1. Z Series
  2. S Series
  3. R Series

Each model family ups the ante in performance, range, and features. You’ll definitely want to check these out.

Schedule Your Test Ride with Us Today

The best way to find your favorite eBike is to come to see us in person, throw a leg over a few of them, and give them a spin. It’s easy to schedule your slot. Simply fill out our online form, and you’re booked.

And when you come to see us, please know that we’re not here to pressure you. We’ll never do that. Our team is full of bicycle enthusiasts, and we’re all pretty excited that they now come with electric assist. It’s just better.

Our goal is to become the eBike store San Francisco thinks of first. We can’t wait to demonstrate our love of bikes to you, and we can’t wait to make a new friend or two in the cycling community here in San Francisco. Visit us today.